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Hereís my not-to-exceed 6000 word essay defending Darwinism. It is my second draft. I examined my first draft in the light of the reasoning exhibited in the essay challenge thread and made the corrections necessary to make it acceptable to the challenge host.

As a preface to my main essay, I would like to apologize for all the millions of people killed by Nazis and Stalinists in the name of evolutionary materialism. There is no way to bring them back, Iíd just like to say Iím sorry that the idea of evolution led directly to so much suffering.

Iíd like to apologize also for all the precious time wasted defending the indefensible claims of materialistic Darwinism.

In particular Iíd like to apologize for the unsupported claims of geologists, particularly the long discredited dogma of uniformitarianism. This seems to be the founding error of materialism and the primary error that led Darwin astray.  It was Darwinís mentor that planted the seed of thought that regular processes over vast periods of time can accumulate to produce large effects.

I would like also to apologize for Darwinís stubbornness in the face of physical law, ignoring the best physics of his day, that of Lord Kelvin, persisting against evidence, promoting an impossible age for the solar system.

Iím afraid the rest of the essay has proved more difficult to edit to UD standards. Iím working on it.

Any version of ID consistent with all the evidence is indistinguishable from evolution.

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