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Quote (Soapy Sam @ Oct. 06 2012,06:10)
CriticalRationalist offers some observations, and is threatened with mini-bannination for some unspecified offence from the pompous-fuckwit-in-the-ceiling:

CR, you know you have a matter of an unresolved and serious false accusation to be dealt with before trying to participate in threads I own. Final warning in this thread. You know how to resolve the matter if you care to. KF

That's the way to conduct an essay competition! I shall pop some more corn.

This is becoming a boringly predictable response from kairosfocus -- when he can't address an argument, essentially every time anyone bothers to address his claims, he gets the vapors over some imagined slight.

kairosfocus is a liar (1), a hypocrite (2), an intellectual coward (3), and a fool (4).  And yes, kairosfocus, I can back up every one of those statements.

(1) Example:  Claiming to have calculated FSCOI or one of his other alphabet soup acronyms.
(2) Example:  Continuing to post at UD despite that site being infested by mouth breathing, vulgarity spewing, trolls like Joe and Mung, while complaining about the behavior of people at TSZ.
(3) Examples:  Refusing to leave the safe haven of UD and banning people from his threads.
(4) Example:  Pretty much everything he's ever written.

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