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Hi, kairosfocus (I know you dabble your feet in the fever swamp every so often)

You know, I'd be quite prepared to write 6K words as you suggest.

But I wouldn't publish it at UD.


For one thing I've been twice banned there after trying to post perfectly civil comments pointing out items in the scientific literature that refuted the ID arguments being made at the time. Censorship, pure and simple; and a thing I despise.

For another thing, I couldn't write anything that hasn't been said hundreds of times before, and which you and your sycophants have always ignored.

For yet another thing, I despise the cowardice shown by the denizens of UD, who, with one or two honourable exceptions, are too weak-kneed to take part in debates in fora where censorship is not used, and bad arguments are quickly exposed.

Yet again, I loathe the habit of those same cowards of calling folk who are making strong arguments against them liars, and accusing them of incivility where there is

And lastly, what is the point? Even if I were to be able to post 6 thousand well-crafted words, I'm absolutely certain that I would not be allowed to respond to any objections or questions from the ID side.

No, sir. UD is hoist by its own censorious petard; and will continue to be a laughing-stock and a shrinking echo-chamber for that diminishing band of people who believe that the arguments for ID have any merit at all

Oh, and lastly... I should like to say that your own drum-beat-repeated Argument From Very Large Numbers is either the silliest, or the most dishonest, (I'm not sure, it may be both) I've ever seen.

So you can take your "challenge", add it to your censorship, wrap it in your utterly closed mind, fold it until it has many sharp corners, and shove it.

Thank you for listening

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