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Ah, DeNews ...
4. TED talks creator Wurman says they’ve lost their jazz

Now plans new type of event most of us can’t afford.

In “Life after TED” (Financial Times September 29, 2012), April Dembosky. Ideas conferences have lost their spontaneity, says Richard Saul Wurman. His solution? A $16,000-a-ticket event featuring David Blaine [pianist], Herbie Hancock [stuntman] and 72 hours of ‘intellectual jazz’

5. Oldest galaxy ever detected?

From “Ultra-Distant Galaxy Discovered Amidst Cosmic ‘Dark Ages’: May Be Oldest Galaxy Ever” (Science Daily, September 19, 2012), we learn of the galaxy, found viagraviational lensing, that
dates from 500 million years after the 13.7 mya Big Bang,

There appears to be a new strategy to thwart her ability to push all new posts off the home page after 24 hours - she's now posting 6 'news' items in one thread.  More concentrated tard, I guess ...

[edited: to add 2nd stupid mistake from same post - missing a few zero's yet again.  Someone tell her the difference between million and billion again, ... please]

Joe: Most criticisims of ID stem from ignorance and jealousy.
Joe: As for the authors of the books in the Bible, well the OT was authored by Moses and the NT was authored by various people.
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