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kairosfocus: On Sept 23rd, I put up an essay challenge as captioned, primarily to objecting commenter Jerad.

As at October 2nd, he has definitively said: no.

Joe informs us that Zachriel has tried to brush it aside:

Try Darwin’s Origin of Species (1859). It’s a bit dated and longer than 6,000 words, (the 6th edition is 190,000 words), but Darwin considered it just a long abstract, and it still makes for a powerful argument.

No, actually. We suggested Origin of Species in the hopes people would read it. It was a bestseller in its day. A reasonable objection is that the text is dated, but it still makes a persuasive and readable argument, even a century and a half later. There are plenty of updated texts, both lay and specialist, that others have suggested.

kairosfocus: This is, frankly, a “don’t bother me” brush-off; telling in itself, as a definitive, successful answer would have momentous impact on this blog.

Most of the people commenting or reading on Uncommon Descent have clearly not read Origin of Species, so there's no way to judge its impact.

As for providing an independent 6,000 word essay, we have been banned from Uncommon Descent for writing just such defences of evolutionary theory. — Furthermore, as Darwin considered 190,000 words just an abstract, then any 6,000 word essay can only be considered the beginnings of a discussion, not an all-encompassing argument.

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