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Quote (Soapy Sam @ Sep. 30 2012,02:08)

The position of stupidest Creationist at UD is already taken. But we note and appreciate your efforts, and hope that a vacancy arises soon.

EL@TSZ wrote a GA that generated series of random 50/50 booleans, which she arbitrarily designated H and T to represent coin tosses, then mutated and evaluated according to a fitness function. But wait ... there's a problem.

If only she were actually using coin tosses, or even simulated coin tosses. But alas.

The claim that she is taking subsets of sequences of coin tosses is a flat out lie. Oh, I have no doubt shes sincere. She really does think the claim is true. By using the symbols T and H shes done a fine job of fooling herself and apparently many other very bright people over at TSZ.

Im going to bang this drum again because this idea of hers that she is doing repeated coin tosses appears to be a deeply held part of her delusion.

Also to document how she has repeatedly claimed that her patterns are sequences of 500 coin tosses. They are not. My complaint isnt that she is not tossing real coins. I can just hear that straw man coming. She is not even simulating patterns of coin tosses.

The beauty of the literalist mindset concrete.

I wonder how he deals with this....

The moon is like a baloon.

Mung is a Vogon.

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