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Mung: Yet another lie emanating from TSZ.

kf has not banned anyone. I question whether kf even has the power to ban someone, even from threads hosted or authored by kf.

Mung will now be educated on the entanglement of banned-notbanned states, and of virtual commenters that pop in and out of existence.

For cause of persistently belligerent and disruptive side-tracking and atmosphere poisoning behaviour, I applied “living room rules” to O/L; inviting him to leave, and when he then tried to ignore this I removed further posts. He popped back up without apology and even went on to suggest that he could do the equivalent of coming into my living room to talk with someone else while ignoring a serious matter with his “host,” I again removed further posts by him until he got the message. He can easily enough come back to threads I own, by simply apologising for his behaviour and making amends. That this is interpreted as “banning,” tells us that the plain intent is to continue to be disruptive. Civility and focus on issues instead of poisoning and polarising the atmosphere is the price of dialogue. Why is that so hard for objectors to design to accept? Do they understand that this strongly suggests that all they have is hostility/prejudice rather than substance? At any rate the thread has gone on hundreds of comments beyond that point, and it has obviously been a fairly positive and on-focus thread. KF

KF, you are more than welcome to comment here or at The Skeptical Zone. You don't even have to apologize.

Meanwhile ...

Mung: Perhaps because you are full of {vulgarity deleted, KF}.

Proudly banned three four five times by Uncommon Descent.
There is only one Tard. The Tard is One.

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