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Quote (Patrick @ Sep. 25 2012,13:16)
Joe is a learning opportunity.  I know, intellectually, that he is no doubt a physical coward who would never dare make statements like that to a person's face.  I also know from his online history that he is none too mentally gifted.  Both of these characteristics warrant compassion.

Nonetheless, I will have to meditate repeatedly before I can let go of the desire to see a video of someone swinging through his hometown and defending Lizzie's honor.

Joe is an easily ignored blowhard.

Does anyone know what is up with Mung?  He's at least as unpleasant and ignorant as Joe, but he also has a bitterness that reminds me of the weaselly little kids who would hang around with bullies, encouraging bad behavior that they weren't capable of committing on their own.  I don't think he's any less of a coward than Joe, but he strikes me as the type who would key a car or drop a dime on a fake police report to harass someone if he thought he could get away with it.  He just gives a nasty vibe overall.

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