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Some more of the "remarkably good" treatment Liddle receives from UD:

Re Dr EL et al at TSZ: Why do ID/creationists use dice, coins, and alphabets – objects which don’t interact among themselves with these kinds of energies – to calculate probabilities that “prove” that proteins and complex molecules have such a low probability of forming that intelligence is required to assemble them?

TSZ’s denizens know or should know that this is a loaded, tendentious, atmosphere-poisoning smear by invidious association that builds on an earlier mind closing smear job. Guilt by invidious association is a fallacy.

And Joe at his place:
Well it seems that the cry-baby evotards have been very busy trying to stick up for one of their own- Elizabeth Liddle. I just read a notice from blogger pertaining to my post in which I called Lizzie a liar, an equivocator and a dried-up old hag. True, I can only provide evidence for the first two- that she is a liar and an equivocator. I just inferred the other from what she writes. The post has been taken down and I will just rewrite it and post it. I told the admin that if required I could easily support my claims in any Court- all but the dried up old hag but that may become evident at the trial.

Classy, especially given who they're talking about, and that she hasn't been active in the discussion lately.

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