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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 24 2012,04:19   

Quote (Patrick @ Sep. 22 2012,23:47)
Quote (Learned Hand @ Sep. 22 2012,17:29)
Quote (onlooker @ Sep. 22 2012,10:14)
Quote (Lou FCD @ Sep. 22 2012,05:43)
It's getting a little slow around here. We need a new meltdown.

I'm [URL=

sign-is-a-default-inference/#comment-434129]working on it[/URL]:

Your comment has been censored on grounds that it accused the censor of censorship.

You made me look.  Thank you.  I wouldn't want to have missed this:
O makes a false accusation of censorship — probably being amplified all across the slander laced fever swamps as we speak — when O knows full well he was asked to apologise and cease from derail attempts or leave. He chose to leave then tried to return and suggest that he could — with an unresolved matter of uncivil behaviour on his part on the table — hold a separate conversation ignoring the thread owner. Sorry, it does not work that way. Comment removed for cause. KF

"I'm removing what Onlooker posted because he accused me of censorship.  In the process I'll slander him while complaining about slander on other sites."

How does his head not explode from the weapons grade hypocrisy?

ETA:  Bolding in the original.  Like multiple exclamation points, a sure sign of a disturbed mind.

I realised that any code for my ID simulation would need some way of handling errors, that would seem to be KF's department so ...

Code Sample
double offended = TRUE;

very very long string YouAreInError {
   try verbiage {
       throw tantrum(BYDAND);
       delete comments;
   catch (evomat conspirators) {
       do {
           cout << "oil soaked burning stawmen of red herring. Because " << bigNumber << ENDl;
       } while (offended);
       latch = -latch;
   return jesus;

void apply(const* self falgellation){
   ofstream myfile;"scantilyCladLadies.jpg");
   fap( random(10*10^e ) );
   very very long string *myKeyboard = new keyboard;
   delete internetHistory;

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