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Erasmus, FCD

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 14 2012,09:05   

which tard, IN YOUR OPINION, is the most likely to have a glenn morton moment?  

which one, of the same pool of tards we just considered, would you be least surprised to see stand up and say [paraphrase] "I was wrong, creationism is retarded and I don't believe it anymore".


Please PM me your answer I have to dump all my inbox first though LOL

I will tally the votes some time depending on the rate at which they accumulate

I think it would be most awesomest if we did not advocate for particular tards here in this open thread.  Just to keep it free of that loathsome taint.

You're obviously illiterate as hell. Peach, bro.-FtK

Finding something hard to believe based on the evidence, is science.-JoeG

the odds of getting some loathsome taint are low-- Gordon E Mullings Manjack Heights Montserrat

I work on molecular systems with pathway charts and such.-Giggles

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