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[From PaV] Well, let’s turn this around (change its ‘direction’): what would happen if we had a 1000 watt (electric) heater surrounded by water that was boiling, and then we added steam to the system that was generated by a nuclear reactor. Would this produce electricity? Of course not! This energy-producing system only works in one direction!  Nevertheless, it is possible to take the steam that a nuclear reactor produces and then produce electricity! But this is an entirely different process/system, and, it is a process/system that is given its ‘directionality’ via intelligent design of engineers......This is the nub of the issue, I believe. Darwinists want to convince us that if ‘steam’ is available (analogously, the energy of the sun), then ‘electricity’ can be produced (analogously, the ‘direction’ of entropy can be reversed).

Wow, I never thought of it like that.  Of course, heat differentials in systems of water and water vapor never, ever, ever produce electricity other than in systems designed by intelligent designers, especially if we are talking about funky hippy solar energy.  NOT.  Quite apart from begging the question in terms of electricity generated in photosynthesis, how about  

The tard is deep in this one.

Hovind, Gish, & Henry Morris deserve some sort of award in the ongoing competition.  Perhaps a collective award for exceptional increase in entropy in the system of human knowledge (closed-system category).   :)

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