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Glen Davidson

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Quote (midwifetoad @ Sep. 09 2012,10:22)
I do think there should be a separate category for those who have the intellect and still choose the dark side.

Phillip Johnson.

Oh sure, he didn't know better when he read Denton's ridiculous junk (since he's a lawyer, without much science background), but he's had plenty of opportunity to learn since then, and decided that he would just dig in his heels.

The strokes likely reduced capacity in later years, but not at first.

Dembski doesn't know what intellectual honesty is, he just wants to triumph over the bullies that damaged him emotionally as a kid, and who he eventually decided were atheists/evolutionists (father issues, likely, too--at the least he blames Daddy for not protecting him).  He wants to kill us, although I'm sure he's decided it's something else (reduce us to the horror he is, for instance).  Knowing better isn't an issue for him.  

Klinghoffer's about the same as Dembski, he just reveals his ressentiment more.  I might go with Klinghoffer as king tard, but he's such an inconsequential little yapping mutt, it's hard to care more than just to correct the most egregious lies.

Glen Davidson


Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of coincidence---ID philosophy

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