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kairosfocus: In particular, I must note how this post plainly reflects a violation of confidence of correspondence in the teeth of an explicit act of protest regarding earlier violation of confidence.

We did not quote anything that kairosfocus wrote to us privately. We did quote what he wrote publicly. The only thing we mentioned about our correspondence was that he demanded an apology for a comment before allowing any further communication. Furthermore, we told him that we would be posting our comments on AtBC, provided a link, and invited him to read our comments here.

kairosfocus: I asked Zachriel to cease and desist from further communication with me

Which we did, but we are certainly not going to refrain from discussing his public statements.

kairosfocus: It therefore evident from this thread that he has twisted my request that he respect confidentiality, into a ducking of issues and trumpeted that to the public elsewhere. Shameless.

We happened to have archived the email exchange just in case kairosfocus insists upon dredging it up.

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