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Quote (Richardthughes @ May 08 2012,10:14)
I actually made it to the end! Where he has the gall to say this:

...So, let no-one say that there was not adequate opportunity for a reply on the merits at UD as a forum.

FFS! Mininal intersection with reality. But you keep hiding in your pillow fort, KF. Your moaning about being outed is hillarious, you used to reference your own tripe all the time with your full name on the website. IDIOT.

FFS, how is that true while Peter Griffin is banned?

KF == moron.

I also mentioned that He'd have to give me a thorough explanation as to *why* I must "eat human babies".

if there are even critical flaws in Gaugerís work, the evo mat narrative cannot stand
Gordon Mullings

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