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Tracy P. Hamilton

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About chris haynes' question...

Thermodynamic entropy and Shannon information are related.  Thermodynamic entropy has units of J/K because Boltzmann's constant has units of J/K.  S = k lnW and all that.

Of course, entropy is constantly increasing, so must information, therefore Dembski's conservation of information is a bunch of hogwash.  Unless creationists would like to distinguish between the differences in W, in which case the second law for thermodynamic entropy does not apply to information.

Thermodynamic entropy is inextricably linked (before Boltzmann) to the simple universal observation that heat flows from hot to cold objects, and dS = q/T does the rest.  Oh dear, those J/K units again!

So if creationists want to make the explicit connection to the second law, they have to show information always flows from high information source to low.  The very fact that we quote them but they do not quote us falsifies that very notion. QED.  :p

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