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Time Cover Fake;  1970's Global Cooling Fears Not
It turns out the Time magazine cover “How to Survive the Coming Ice Age” is a photoshopped fake.  However, while the cover is a fake, Time was in fact printing stories about fears of global cooling in the 70’s.

No Barry, the Time cover was not a photoshopped fake; the image that you posted here purporting to represent it was the fake.  Of course in your 'correction' you don't refer to the fake directly, or mention that it was posted here, by you, and you have subsequently deleted it to cover your tracks, or what your initial reaction (deleted) was when the error was pointed out to you (deleted).

Of course you may claim that nobody could possibly think you were shifting the accusation of fakery on to Time magazine.

KF however adds:

UPDATE: Mr Arrington has announced that the  actual 1977 cover is a photoshopped fake, ouch. However, there most definitely were articles in the newsmags on just such a coming ice age, and indeed I recall reading even comic books discussing that.

UPDATE & CORRECTION: Mr Arrington has pointed out that the cover pic from 1977 is a fake, of course he has listed articles that show that the news mags did discuss the upcoming ice age.

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