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In case you were wondering:

A Brief Reflection on Easter

April 8, 2012

Posted by Barry Arrington under Intelligent Design

Bolding mine. ID, not religious, doesn't know who the designer is.

They do think he hides Easter eggs in DNA, so that's consistent.

Unfortunately they are too scared to look for those Easter eggs... they might actually find one*.

* that says "So long and thanks for all the fish.  It's what we designed you for anyway.  hahahahahahaahahaha**"  

** repeat GC sequence

I know the issue of why they don't do some actual looking for "front-loading" or whatever has been discussed in a general sense before, but has anyone ever really questioned why Behe isn't doing that.  I get that Joe and Gil and Luskin and the Dr Dr don't really have the skills, but shouldn't Behe, or someone like him, be able to get some grant money and make a try?  Sure you could argue that the EAC* would control most agencies, but the DI has funds.  Templeton is giving away grants for all sorts of stuff like the money is burning a hole in their pockets.  

Has Behe ever addressed this?

*Which doesn't exist.  Those are not helicopters you hear approaching your location.

The problem is that they really do know that there is no evidence... there can be no evidence... for their claims.

They absolutely must know it.

Look at that climate denier who spent 2 years researching the issue, then came out and claimed that "yes, global warming is real".

If they were real scientists then they would be really investigating their notions and then they would be really forced to the conclusion that ID is utterly without merit.  They already know it... they just can't admit it.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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