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Quote (CeilingCat @ Feb. 24 2012,02:30)
In that same thread, Nullasalus brings the tard: †  
Yes, itís correct that even if Torley is right about the scope of sentience that there are still tremendous examples of evil. But if someone comes up and talks about (to use an extreme example) the excruciating pain that rocks experience during geographic processes and how this reflects on the existence of a benevolent God, I think itís not only fair, but important to acknowledge the problems with attributing pain to rocks.
Then he closes with this one-liner: †  
That the argument can fall back to squirrels, then, is fine Ė fall back.

That whole thread is full of stuff like this.

Man them geographic processes are a bitch. Especially when the lead in your mechanical pencil breaks and the rain gets your map paper all wet.

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