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Quote (CeilingCat @ Feb. 24 2012,04:25)
Science all the way Part 74: † †  
If you want lions, you have to have lambs. Those who condemn God for animal suffering are saying that God should have created in a world in which all animals were vegetarian and there were no parasites. But why should he have done so? Perhaps he wanted a world in which the plenitude of being could be expressed. Who are we to say what God should desire or execute?

And maybe He's a Sadist.

All science so far.


Forgive me, but isn't that exactly what they are claiming? That they know precisely what "God should desire or execute", for teh bibel tells them so?

"Itís not worth the effort to prove the obvious. Ridiculous ideas donít deserve our time.
Even the attempt to formulate ID is a generous accommodation." - ScottAndrews

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