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Quote (Trubble @ Feb. 24 2012,02:11)
Quote (BWE @ Feb. 23 2012,16:25)
The Chief Seattle speech might not be accurately transcribed (:)) but it was based on the author's recollection of the speech, Seattle was noted as a great orator, and it is still a beutiful sentiment even if it was filtered through the stylistic pen of a romantic era writer.

Just sayin. It's not a myth that he gave such a speech, just that it wasn't exactly transcribed so much as interpreted some years later.

And it is beautiful.

Sorry, you're engaging in wishful thinking. I agree those are beautiful sentiments, and it would be even nicer if Chief Seattle had said them. But those were not his words. Here's a good analysis.

Next thing, you'll be telling me there's no God.

Like every other academic field, philosophy of religion has its share of hacks and mediocrities.   Edward Feser

‘Anything is a “real possibility” in the mind of one seeking to deny the obvious.’ – William J Murray

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