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This could become interesting. Aleta and StephenB have been exchanging comments for a while on Kf's Law of non-Contradiction post. I haven't really been following the argument, other than to note Stephen's rather, erm, unique form of civility. Aleta's latest (last?) comment at UD:
† † †
Reply at including an explanation of why Iím responding there, not here.

...and the response at TSZ begins:
† † †
Over at UD, Stephen makes a point worth responding to. However, I'm going to respond here, not there, because the environment here is, shall we say, more conducive to constructive discussion, with more and different people able to join in.

That's right Stephen, many people at UD have been banned lately, simply for displaying, well, thoughtfulness, and to my eyes the flow of thought there has definitely slowed down. Will Stephen rise to the occasion and venture beyond UD waters?
OK, since starting this I have hit refresh and there are two new comments from SB. The answer would be No:
† † †
Aleta, I feel sorry for you because I donít believe that you are not capable of rational thought. Let me know if I can ever help you.

Psst - Stephen, you fucked that up. So he adds:
† † †
Oops, I mean, I donít believe that you are capable of rational thought. My offer for help still goes, however.

Edited to fix a link and to attempt to fix the <br> tag in another.
And again to finally fix both. Thanks to keiths for the advice.

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