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Quote (Dr.GH @ Feb. 17 2012,07:03)
I have wondered why the Abrahamic god would bother to create a universe and then wipe-out the other gods, and then trifurcate, wrecking omniscience.

My answer is Divine boredom, and is resolved by the RPG model of reality. The "holy spirit" is the operating system and the video engine, the "father" are programmers writing text and 'skins,' and the "son" is the player's game data base. There is an actual beginning and an end that are known to the "father" but which can be messed with by the "son" within the limits allowed by the "spirit."

Got it. The Universe is just a game.

...erm..didn't Abraham have 2 sons, Shem and Shaun?

Abraham his realtionship with Noah and Adam and that tart Eve, it's all a literary construct.

When prehistoric humans developed a way of counting and writing down who owned what and how much the king got, that tool became useful to the foreskin collectors.

...such as recording the various creation stories and why when your child  died for a small fee you could join them when your time came.

Why did Adam's creator create his world?

His daddy and his daddy on, told him to.

Jesus Fucking Christ if I was God I would just create a whole bunch of other gods for fun and a lot more goddesses for company and the best damn IPA beer known to man or god, any damn god...

What do creationists give us?

A pretty damn decent communal piss pot.

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