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Quote (iconofid @ Feb. 16 2012,18:13)
We seem to have gone from god making the moon both exist and not exist at the same time, to god both existing and not existing at the same time (which is an interesting idea). I'm not suggesting that a god can exist myself, but looking at the suggestion that god could play around with the state of the moon from the POV of believers.

Let's look at your analogy. Why, from the point of view of Christians, can't their god make the moon both vibrate and not vibrate at the same time? That would seem to be sufficient to drive our Barry crazy, because he would certainly see it as incompatible with the LNC. Can it be argued that there are laws that override god's choices about the nature of the physical world he has created?

I certainly think it might be worth someone suggesting it on U.D. just to see what happens (I'm banned, as I mentioned above, and I see you've now joined the club - welcome).

I can see your point here. I guess I think that once you buy into the whole God thing, all the restraints are off in this area, anyway, and "contradiction" really doesn't pose much of an issue, because you are trafficking in a whole domain where everything is made, fabulous, and unattached to our real-world, objective experience.

But even so, I see how your posing something like that would highlight difficulties with ideas about God's power. In terms of God playing around with human experience, well, again, anything goes, there. An omnipotent trickster God can mess with people's heads in all sorts of exotic ways.

I just don't see any of that kind of exchange as a serious or thoughtful exercise. Not saying you don't have a point to be made in there, but I think if you are talking about God's existence, on their terms, the terms and concepts are all pretty much empty to begin with.

As someone raised in a devout Christian home, and one in regular dialog about this kind of thing with the Christians I am surrounded by in my family, extended family and community, I will predict these kinds of challenges will fall on deaf ears. God is exempt from any of that, in any case. God's ways are mysterious, and the "mysteries" of ideas like the Trinity (as has been pointed out) are really not problems, just pointers to how much higher God is than we, etc.

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