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Quote (keiths @ Feb. 16 2012,19:57)
Quote (noncarborundum @ Feb. 16 2012,17:33)
Quote (keiths @ Feb. 16 2012,19:11)
More sleazebaggery from Barry:
Quote (David W. Gibson @ Feb 16, 2012 17:54)
I won’t even bother to address Gibson’s assertion that “language is so inherently ambiguous that it is all but impossible to convey meaning” other than to note that he conveyed that thought in, yes, language. It always astounds me that people who say things like that (1) don’t seem to recognize the irony of their statement; and (2) hypocritically insist on an unspoken exception for their statements.

I was quite startled to discover this quote of my words in Barry’s post, since I never said it. And indeed, it would have been a stupid thing to say, since it’s not true. Certainly it’s not what I intended. So I actually went back to see what I had actually written. To my surprise, it’s still there.

Here is what I actually wrote:
Part of this problem is the inherent ambiguity of language itself. Nearly every word in the language has multiple meanings, and most common words are encumbered with connotations, implications, and suggestions.

I went on to give an example. I notice that
1) My point was completely misrepresented
2) My example is carefully omitted
3) Barry mocks me for something not said and not intended. No wonder he “won’t even bother to address” the false quote he attributes to me.

And incidentally, I entirely agree with Barry’s dismissal of the claim he falsely attributes to me, and for the very reasons he gives. It’s basically for those reasons that I made no such claim.

Unfortunately you were using language at the time you didn't make the claim, so Barry found it impossible to understand what you weren't saying.  This may be less a reflection on the inherent ability of language to convey meaning than on the inherent ability of Barry to discern it.

For the record, David is not my sock.  I don't think he's one of us (yet), since he actually seems surprised by Barry's shitty, dishonest behavior.

Sorry, I misunderstood.  Too much language.

"The . . . um . . . okay, I was genetically selected for blue eyes.  I know there are brown eyes, because I've observed them, but I can't do it.  Okay?  So . . . um . . . coz that's real genetic selection, not the nonsense Giberson and the others are talking about." - DO'L

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