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Quote (eigenstate @ Feb. 14 2012,23:53)
Dismayed but not surprised by William J Murray:


No, we need to teach them there is a limit to the foolishness adults will tolerate; if they will not learn, then at least we have rid ourselves of the foolishness. Take a lesson from history: appeasement doesn’t work.

Yes, appeasing the science geeks on an ID blog is a recipe for what? If we sense weakness, we'll... what? Starting posting charts and graphs? There's something deeply twisted about the idea that letting your opponents, or just those who have different beliefs post and debate is "appeasement".

*cues the tanks of the Army of Science to begin rolling into the Sudetenland*

OnEdit: forgot to mention who I was referring to.

One should never be dismayed by such a succinct display of irony. Tickled? Yes. Dismayed...? Naw.

we IDists rule in design for the flagellum and cilium largely because they do look designed.  Bilbo

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