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Quote (The whole truth @ Feb. 14 2012,08:50)
Just think, this unscrupulous, deluded shyster could someday be a judge:

arrington's idea of overwhelming evidence and FACT

I never said we have the testimony of hundreds of eyewitnesses. I said the record states there were hundreds of eyewitnesses. That record, which was written during the living memory of those who saw the events in question, is the only record we have, and there is no good reason to disregard it.
Being a lawyer, you may not have heard of this, but that type of evidence where one person tells what another person told him is called "hearsay" and it's not allowed in court.
A person may choose not to believe it, but it fits very well with all of the other evidence, about which volumes have been filled.
Yep, it's just as worthless as the rest of the "evidence".
But perhaps you are one of those people who believe the disciples willingly went to their gruesome deaths when all they had to do to avoid the agony was recant a wicked fable they knew to be a lie. Odd ducks those disciples. Dr. Johnson was quite write; martyrdom is the measure of truth.
Read your Bible, Barry.  Most of the disciples are barely mentioned before the crucifixion and are never heard from again after it.  Stories of their "gruesome deaths" are pius Christian fables.  I must agree with you, though: that type of "evidence" does indeed fit very well with all the other evidence and is of very similar quality.

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