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Quote (Tracy P. Hamilton @ Feb. 13 2012,23:32)
Kairosfocus gives a QM lecture:

The predominant concept of the benzine ring structure; sometimes this is viewed as a superposition of individual bond structures. At any rate the possibility of quantum systems based on superposed "parent" states is acknowledged. indeed, this is held to be so for, for instance, the Carboxylic acid group, -COOH

1) Individual bond structures are not wave functions, so their combination is not superposition.  In superposition states you can collapse the wave function to one term.
You cannot get kekule' benzene.
2) The orbital approximation uses PRODUCTS of one electron functions called orbitals.  Superpositions are sums.
3) Additional improvements are to better describe a single stationary state.
4) COOH has a bouble bond and a single bond.  COO- has two identical C-O bonds

Entangled photons at LHC - now thats-a superpositiona!

Well, yeah, but "Comments are closed."  So there!

"I am not currently proving that objective morality is true. I did that a long time ago and you missed it." -- StephenB

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