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Getting back to a regular DeNews story, Dense reports that one of her science news sources, a site named Creation-Evolution Headlines no less, cites a study that would imply that humans have descended from dogs, not monkeys as the darwinists try to tell us.
In the study dogs outperformed chimpanzees in a certain type of intelligence test. Specifically, dogs understood the concept of (human) pointing (to indicate the location of food) better than the chimps.
This of course doesn't completely destroy darwinism, but creates a huge problem for it. Why? Because dogs don't have fingers!
Dense: † †
So dogs learned to detect a message using fingers, which they donít have, but chimps, which have fingers, didnít learn to detect the message? Jane Goodall, check YOUR messages.

I tell you, man, evilution's days are numbered.

Yes, while we've been absorbed with Barry's flameout, Denyse has been steadily cranking out the tard, never failing to meet her quota.

A couple of days ago, in a post entitled Male snakes show mystical Darwinian knowledge?, Denyse quotes a Science Daily article:
† †
Large and older females, preferred by male snakes because they can produce more babies, also have a slightly different chemical signature in their pheromone. Young, small, females can still attract suitors, but not as readily.

Denyse actually thinks the author is talking about a conscious calculation on the part of the male snakes:
† †
Male snakes clearly canít tell a she from a he-on-estrogen, so what mystical Darwinian knowledge causes them to prefer a bigger female because she ďcan produce more babiesĒ? They know? They care?

You think they've found that selfish gene yet, Denyse?

Nah. She was genetically selected for tard.

Does she get paid by the word (or something resembling a word)?

She thinks so, but so far she hasn't figured out which word.

"The . . . um . . . okay, I was genetically selected for blue eyes. †I know there are brown eyes, because I've observed them, but I can't do it. †Okay? †So . . . um . . . coz that's real genetic selection, not the nonsense Giberson and the others are talking about." - DO'L

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