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Well, bornagain77, does not the absolute speed of light suggest that photons have their own reference- frame exogenous to space-time, presumably beyond the one event horizon of the Big Bang, even though they interact with space-time, and submit to it (in a spirit of subsidiarity favoured by Pope Benedict, nae doot), in that they can be at least partially absorbed by solid surfaces? So that, despite this absolute quality, their speed through space-and the distance they travel through it, can be measured according to the latterís reference-frame. This seems to me to be the case, and to evoke thoughts of Christís Incarnation. Does it not seem that the quantum level of matter might actually already be beyond an immanent event horizon, so that we may shortly arrive at a limit, beyond which analytical reasoning will simply encounter absolute imponderables.

which one of you guys is Axel, again?  amazing that you survived the pogrom.  the trick is to BE the uniform, not just wear it

You're obviously illiterate as hell.†Peach, bro.-FtK

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