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Quote (REC @ Feb. 13 2012,16:15)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Feb. 13 2012,16:10)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Feb. 13 2012,16:47)

..Another update: At another site Eigenstate says he responded here, which is an outrageous lie. At that same site he up an idiot’s answer to the question which is not worth responding to. Suffice it to say it was neither “yes” nor “no.”

I don't believe you, Barry. And why wont you name the other site or link to it?

OK, OK, for God's sake Barry, bring the Friday meltdown to a conclusion. It's Monday. This is getting more than a little scary.

I like that the posting software melts down along with Barry. Unnumbered posts, posts with the same number, timestamps out of order, and non-nested replies. People referring to and quoting from comments that aren't there.

What shame there was no screenshot saved, given that Barry A has now committed himself irrevocably to the 'there was no post and he was not in moderation' line.  Unfortunate, but we learn from our mistakes.  

Of course, I am pre-supposing that no such screenshot exists ...

Joe: Most criticisims of ID stem from ignorance and jealousy.
Joe: As for the authors of the books in the Bible, well the OT was authored by Moses and the NT was authored by various people.
Byers: The eskimo would not need hairy hair growth as hair, I say, is for keeping people dry. Not warm.

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