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Quote (Freddie @ Feb. 12 2012,14:47)
I knew when Dense linked to the Daily Mail it was going to be like pouring petrol on a fire ...

Incidentally, it takes many forms. Apprently, there are 450 public employees at present working on legislating for hospital staff to be forbidden to use the terms, ‘mother’ and ‘father’, for fear of offending the sensibilities of homosexuals.

I should have said, ‘militant’ homosexuals. There is a difference between them and most homosexuals, I believe.

Also, in your dismissiveness, you forgot the primary-school children raping and sodomising their little class-mates.

In today’s papers, two young women, each with a baby sired by the young man in the middle of the photo. We’ll leave their sexuality out of it, since there is no arguing with homosexual lobbyists, however “ad hoc”. The immemorial wisdom of nature’s nuclear family is despised by today’s atheist know-nothings.

Some other odd views in his ramblings as well.

Axel I think claims to be a guy I ran into on DemocraticUnderground: KCabotDullesMarxIII.

A very odd guy with a very odd set of views.

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