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Quote (keiths @ Feb. 11 2012,21:07)
groovamos tried scientific materialism, but gave it up on account of the "pointless sex":
Twice in my life I subscribed to scientific materialism, it is just too sexy an option for most young students to pass up. Literally, as in those circles, they’re just so besotted by the easy sex. That was the first time, and when that backfired I backed out of it, only to be bamboozled a few years later in SoCal because it was just so easy to fall into again out there. But a few years of living in a “pointless” universe full of pointless sex ground down my being a little too much for comfort.

I see the outlines of a Joel Borofsky hoo-hoo fixation.

Or Portnoy.

Sour grapes, I'm guessing. Even in the non-stop musical beds orgy that is college, he couldn't get any.

"[A] book said there were 5 trillion witnesses. Who am I supposed to believe, 5 trillion witnesses or you? That shit's, like, ironclad. " -- stevestory

"Wow, you must be retarded. I said that CO2 does not trap heat. If it did then it would not cool down at night."  Joe G

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