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Quote (The whole truth @ Feb. 12 2012,08:49)
Barry Arrington
November 2nd, 2011 | 2:18 pm

This reminds me of the “butterfly” bill that came before my committee when I was in the legislature of my state. A teacher had the bright idea that her 6th grade class should have as a class project getting a law passed. After some deliberation they proposed a bill to make some butterfly or another the “state butterfly” of Colorado, and they convinced a legislator to actually carry the bill. When it got to my committee I lead a charge against it for much the same reason Joe explains. Except this was worse. A resolution is just a statement of collective opinion. It carries not force of law. Had it passed, this bill would have become law. Frankly, I was offended by this frivolous and insouciant approach to law, and I got the bill killed. My reward: Icy stares from the adults and rivers of tears from the students. I still think I did the right thing.


Totally. Fortunately, the Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly was made the official state insect on April 17, 1996.

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