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Quote (REC @ Feb. 12 2012,00:37)
If it appears, hope that it isn't snipped to "Theoretically, yes" followed by mockery.

Remember, these are the looks improbable=God crowd.

Well, I actually contemplated that, and wrote the first two sentences so that they were short and clear, and could stand on their own if Barry were to censor the rest. I made "Theoretically, yes" the first sentence, because although it's unfair and incomplete to represent as my answer, it's the best two word answer I could give, if I was limited to just that.

Like I said a couple weeks ago, I'm not nšive about how UD works, I'm a new poster, but have been reading a long time. Before my first post there, I'm resigned to the outcomes that happen, and understand going in there is no way to placate them or tiptoe them satisfactorily, even if I wanted to. I just say my piece, and what happens, happens. I really can't be surprised, or even disappointed, because my expectations have been calibrated by the experience of reading over there for a good while.

I will make the non-ambitious prediction that now eigenstate is just that much less worth any engagement because, you know, he thinks Jupiter just randomly goes missing at different times, and comes back into existence just as randomly. That guy is wack!

@Reciprocating Bill (upthread), got ya, will do (if possible!) on the questions -- I remember the exchange you linked to.

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