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Quote (keiths @ Feb. 11 2012,18:33)
Eigenstate shreds nullasalus's bogus 'civility' argument.  It's worth reproducing in full:
Quote (eigenstate @ Feb 11 2012, 17:30)

Buddy, there’s only one of us here who’s defending ad hominem attacks, and that’s you. You tried to wordsmith your way into establishing that sitting around for years, digging up RL pictures of your opponents to post, mock, deface, screaming about how you think they’re all gay, etc, is… you know, some kind of intellectual, reasonable activity.

I’m under no illusion about the abusive nature of taunts and epithets at AtBC, or wherever they occur (it happens here — hi Joe and KF!). It was not and is not my claim that those are any kind of argument from the AtBC members. They are not, it’s just mockery, satire and namecalling. {snip}

At this point, nullasalus probably wishes that eigenstate had gotten banned too.

AtBC gave us a home, nullasalus, when the 'good' people of Uncommon Descent cast us out. Uncommon Descent itself created this isle of mockery from the banned who have found refuge on its shores.

By the way, commentary on Uncommon Descent and documenting its goings-on is on-topic for this thread.

Proudly banned three four five times by Uncommon Descent.
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