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Reciprocating Bill

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Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Feb. 11 2012,12:31)
ROFL: Gordo:
† †  
Null, I fully agree with you here. Barry obviously went livid with what must have been the last straw when Dr REC dropped an obscenity, but what is going on elsewhere behind that sort of contempt to your HOST in a context where you are a GUEST is atrocious and inexcusable. And, it is directly connected, almost in real time, to what is happening here. Look, I saw people nastily speculating on whether Zoe [who is most definitely not me] is me, basically live; and in a context where it is obvious that these have been obsessively running all over the net to see what dirt they could try to find, or what they could twist to caricature and demonise. Look, my expose of web porn ó it is apparently so bad that a good fraction of net traffic in recent years was this stuff, and porn is implicated in something like half of US divorces from the divorce lawyers (donít tell me it is harmless fun) was twisted into gleeful nonsense that tried to make me out to be a pornographer or whatever you call one of those ó I guess they did not realise I asked the FBI unit to look into the case I checked out, in hopes that a skunkís hide could be nailed up to the wall. I hope they get him and I hope he rots in gaol for what he is doing, my gorge rises just to remember that this sort of exploitation is going on. I saw the man who runs a hate site that targets members of the UD community and which has threatened members of my family, operating as one of the circle in evidently good standing. I have seen far more than I want to speak of here, and none of it good. Barry is the host, and I think he was entirely within his rights to say, enough is enough on this case. And no, I see no need to wallow in filth and abuse from those who show every sign that they are sick, rage-sick, just to discuss a scientific issue. Their behaviour has forfeited any and all rights to civil discussion. Right now, what is troubling me is I am seeing abusive patterns I remember all too well from my days when I had to expose and correct destructive, manipulative groups. KF

Meodramatic much Gordo?

I have seen far more than I want to speak of here, and none of it good.

Now, come on Gordon. The last notion offered on the topic was either that Zoe is a bootlicking sycophant, or, given that the content of his posts is almost entirely plagiarized, his stool contains large undigested chunks of your prose. Or both. †

It's the stink, and he texture. Very similar.

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