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Erasmus, FCD

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Quote (Woodbine @ Feb. 11 2012,11:40)
why would he do that?

Well, he's leaving (left?) Southern Bible Thump College and becoming a full time Discovery Institute employee. And seeing that the DI is your archetypal propaganda mill then I would expect Dembski to take full advantage of UD's status as the 'Premier ID blog' to peddle his latest books, conferences and wisdom.

That said, even Dembski himself must realise that his previous attempts to interact with the Real World have been uniformly embarrassing to both him and the Revolution....the DI might just be paying him to keep his head down.

I would be surprised if he started posting there.  I would not be surprised if he started posting malicious nonsense on EN&V.  I would not be surprised if he started *another* other blog to gloss over the colossal failure of UD.  He's got to realize, however dimly he perceives reality, that associating himself with the UD shitbin full of glossolalic bigots and dishonest pretenders and computationally challenged liars for jesus dulls the thin blade of the Wedge

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