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Quote (nullasalus @ Feb. 10 2012,18:15)
Ill note again that one of the posters apparently axed had over 1000 comments here over months -- thats some supreme tolerance by that standard.

"See how tolerant we are?  We let someone post 1000 comments before banning her for no reason." You must be very proud. I'm not surprised that you support the bans, null, given how poorly you've fared in debate with the banned folks.  It's evidently quite embarrassing for you. Apart from the fact that they save you some humiliation, how do you justify the bannings?  "Incivility" is clearly just a rationalization, because ID proponents have repeatedly behaved worse with nary a slap on the wrist. The real reasons are clear.

Barry's free to ban anyone he wants, but he ought to think twice about the cost.  The bannings have continued for years, and they reveal to everyone that ID supporters cannot make their case on a level playing field.  They need protection from their moderators.  Barry's actions today just reinforce this (besides confirming that he is an infantile prick). The special protection that ID supporters demand at UD reminds me of Steve Fuller's advocacy of "affirmative action" for ID at the Dover trial.

And you're surprised that we don't take you seriously?

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