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Peter Griffin could be next for the long knives:
10.2.1  Peter Griffin  February 10, 2012 at 2:27 pm

Hi Barry,
Why was Elizabeth banned? I donít believe she broke the administrative position on civility, such as it has been written down.

In time period X (about 3-4 months) Elizabeth has posted at least 1479 times. Next on the list is bornagain with 1194 and then we have kairosfocus on 1084. Then bringing up the rear is Joe with 952.

So youíve just banned the most active poster, the person making the most impact on your blog in terms of argumentative quality/ability and hits.

Now the number 1 poster is BA77. Then KF. Then Joe.

Perhaps now the number 1 critic is gone youíll all be able to concentrate on that ID research thatís so very long in coming?

As Mr Mode once said, Enjoy The Silence!

Math is just a language of reality. Its a waste of time to know it. - Robert Byers

There isn't any probability that the letter d is in the word "mathematics"...  The correct answer would be "not even 0" - JoeG

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