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Quote (Woodbine @ Oct. 25 2011,10:37)
You have to admit that only Uncommonly Dense would be so jaw-droppingly, barrel-scrapingly dumb as to claim the NCSE are playing the race card...
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Because, given evidence-based developments in evolution studies that donít confirm Darwin, itís all theyíve got left, really?

And then in the next fucking sentence go on to play the race card...
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But then Darwin himself was a racist, unlike Wallace.


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obert ByersOctober 26, 2011 at 1:25 am
Creationist organizations make these raft trips too and I think it gets under the skin of evolutionist fighters. Its one of those spatial picture things the school folks talk about.

Unlikely they are putting the black down . they just needed a black, as Hollywood always does in FRONT of the camera, and there was no other or other that wasnít a creationist.
Just common identity selectionism.

Scott and AIG/ICR should have raft races. you can make the best geological interpretation , ride the waves, and persuade the most people and return with them undunked.


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