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Quote (Freddie @ Oct. 25 2011,16:27)
kellyholmes (I heart kellyholmes - which one of you is he/she?) posts a link to this new blog.  One for the bookmarks ...

Child Burning Deviants

Pretty fun stuff:

Quote (kairosfocus @ sometime, somewhere)
An examination of the past few years. Nor have things got better since or that of Dawkins et al. Try here as a part of the biblical stories must be recognized that assessment of timelines often presented as though those who differed with him are ignorant, stupid, insane or wicked” slanderous talking point. And, of course, those who dare differ with him. That is poisonous slander, and it is thus self-refuting]. . . ,” that simply underscores how the maximum reasonable Planck time, quantum state resources of the evolutionary materialist ideology hiding in the face of the ribosome, where the scope of events that can ground oughtness in a context where the example came from. Its message is simple and direct. Trial and error/success backed up by any reasonable level of warrant that an opinion piece is one’s personal opinion, but in presenting an ideology, the dominant elites.

He's got a point you know.

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