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Quote (midwifetoad @ Sep. 13 2011,13:44)
Of course, no evidence the guy is antisemitic.

He has some rather strong associations in the conspiracy world with people who blame Israel for 9/11.

Just looking briefly at the truther sewer, he might have disassociated himself from that. Or not. It's difficult to tell who's in and who's out. What a mess.

I have a personal reason for thinking the Trade Center theorists are full of shit. They talk about the fire not being hot enough.

I live a few blocks from a church that burned a few years ago. It had a frame made of steel I-beams which bent like cooked spaghetti in the fire. There was no additional fuel. It was just a routine fire.

Well, obviously the CIA/Illuminati/Elders of Zion/Manchester United FC planted incendiary explosives around the beams when the place was built, so they could burn it down years later to discredit the conspiracy theories they knew would arise after they burned down the WTC.  

It's the only logical explanation.

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