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Reciprocating Bill

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Quote (midwifetoad @ Sep. 12 2011,13:39)
Get rich quick:

Over at UD there's a $1000 prize (judges not named) for "anyone who is able to demonstrate that the design of a living thing by an intelligent agent necessarily requires a supernatural act."

No prize is being offered for anyone who can calculate the CSI of any living organism.

No prize is being offered for anyone who can cite an instance of design being implemented, other than by humans. No prize for what. No prize for when, No prize for how.

No prize is being offered for explaining where or how a finite (non-supernatural) designer stores the 10^500 bits of information regarding fitness landscapes and coding sequences that would be required to design without using some form of GA. (Assuming, of course, that fitness landscapes really are as rugged as claimed by ID advocates.)


Is "Cosmological ID" (e.g. arguments vis fine tuning, cosmological origins, and the necessity of an uncreated creator, etc.) still considered ID at UD?

If so, I'd be interested in Barry's description of a "natural" designer capable of, say, intelligently fine tuning cosmological constants to attain a desired universe.

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