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I attended a Christian College (now University) that had a tendency to seek out professors who had some secular academic credentials. They ended up in one instance courting Tony Campolo in Sociology from the UofP. No friend of Darwin, though. So there is a way. Of course, I donít really know if there arenít any open Darwinists there, but perhaps some secret Darwinists.

I wouldnít be surprised if practically every Christian college has itís secret Darwinist, just as practically every secular college has itís open Christian.

Whatís really alarming though is the open Darwinist in a decidedly Evangelical college. This is the sort of practice that eventually causes a college to abandon itís Christian roots.
Then the foundation is lost and it becomes another secular college like all the others that have gone before: Princeton (Presbyterian), Yale (Congregationalist), Dartmouth (Puritan), to name a few. Well funded colleges to be sure, but not exactly Christian anymore. Some discernment is in order.

You can't make stuff like that up.

"Secular academic credentials" in a prof, outrageous!

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