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Quote (Louis @ Sep. 05 2011,11:11)
Quote (Wolfhound @ Sep. 05 2011,12:41)
Quote (Louis @ Sep. 04 2011,10:16)
All WoW and no play makes Jack a dull boy...All WoW and no play makes Jack a dull boy...



What?  You are suggesting I'm dull boy/girl just because I have a level 85 hunter, level 85 paladin, level 85 druid, level 85 priest, level 85 death knight, and a level 64 rogue?   :angry:

Oh, wait, it's all of those other reasons.

Carry on, then.

I would never suggest that. Although you do seem to have a bad case of Altoholism. Which server are you on? Do you raid? What spec is your druid?*


*Not that I know about these things. Never played the game in my life. Honest.

Druid is a Boomchicken because I'm too chickenshit to try healing, although I AM dual specced for it.

I play on the US Bloodhoof server, as does Deadman.  Both Alliance.  I don't get to raid any more because of this absolute shit satellite ISP I have here in the sticks of Washington State.  650 latency is a GOOD day for me.  Normally it's 800-2k so the lag is too much for even random instances, much less raiding.  I used to OWN Icecrown Citadel, back before I moved.  Waaaah!

I'll tell you our toons' names if you care to look us up.  Deadman raids pretty regularly and is a bit of a gear whore, even if he denies it.  He's even a Defender of A Shattered World, the bastard!   :angry:

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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