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Tracy P. Hamilton

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 04 2011,13:48   

Quote (sledgehammer @ Sep. 04 2011,09:58)
Quote (sparc @ Sep. 03 2011,22:31)
I am a software/aerodynamics/mechanical/artificial-intelligence/information-processing/integrating-all-of-these-engineering-disciplines engineer
says the one time piano player who owns three college degrees in foreign language, literature, and music who otherwise spent a consiiderable time of his life hanging around without any further formal education.

And let's not forget:
" I once took a class to learn how to run LS-DYNA, a simulator engine developed by some other really smart folks.
Now I are a both an engineer and a scientist!".

Shows how little you need to know to be a simulator jock:

1)  take a guess, based on what has worked previously.
2)  run the sim,
3)  tweak a parameter or two,
4)  re-run the sim.
5)  continue trial and error until it works.

Hmm,  where have I seen this mindless procedure work before?

UD News?

"Following what I just wrote about fitness, you’re taking refuge in what we see in the world."  PaV

"The simple equation F = MA leads to the concept of four-dimensional space." GilDodgen

"We have no brain, I don't, for thinking." Robert Byers

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