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DeNews and the rabbis continue their sinful ways:

Rabbi pleads with Darwinian atheists: Turn back from legal pedophilia. But they can’t.

1.  DeNews sees no difference between journalism and propaganda and thereby ignores the commandment against bearing false witness.

2.  Various celebrity clergy are quick to smear atheism for implying amorality and hence permitting pedophilia.  They ignore the evidence that religious belief does not provide an insurmountable barrier to pedophilia which brings to mind a saying about glass houses and stone-throwing.

3.  Even worse is that, while the Lord took care to prohibit things like taking His name in vain, making graven images or coveting the neighbor's ox, He apparently overlooked the small matter of abusing children - or maybe He didn't consider it such a big deal.

4.  They all sidestep the is/ought problem and the Euthyphro Dilemma.

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