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Quote (JLT @ Sep. 02 2011,11:04)
Quote (Louis @ Sep. 02 2011,16:52)
Quote (JLT @ Sep. 02 2011,16:21)

OTOH, I'm using energy saving bulbs*


* Since yesterday, 60-watt bulbs are banned in all countries of the European union (100-watt and 75-watt bulbs were already banned).


Energy saving bulbs are wicked and evil and do not represent proper/Jesus'/American/British/Whatever bulbs that have been around forever since Adam made them in the Garden of Eden and these new bulbs give you cancer and are due to that fake global warming stuff which is a communist, atheist, gay, leftie, black, tree hugger plot made to take money from rich, white people (who are the best at everything ever and deserve to be by divine/biological/both right) and you can't tell me that's not true because old bulbs give better light and it's not entirely subjective at all oh no it's not.

And they lower house prices and encourage dirty dirty immigrants who are now white, but speak funny, which makes us confused because we can't call them pakis.

[/Daily Mail and/or my mother]


ETA: How did I do?

Pretty good, but you forgot that it's a conspiracy by Osram and Philipps to monopolise the market, that energy saving bulbs are actually WORSE for the environment, and that they lead to depression.

Don't forget the mercury... won't someone think of the egrets?

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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