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(Permalink) Posted: April 19 2019,11:00   

DNA Jock continues to throw mud, hoping something will stick.

Separately, I am saddened that your defense against the misogyny charge is that when you sought to make fun of Mung, you likened him to a hysterical gender-bending gay man.
Oh, that’s so much better.

You really need to look into the history of that meme before letting your emotions control what you write.  Chris Crocker is a comic.  The "Leave Britney alone!" video was an act.  I used it to make fun of Mung by comparing his comments to truly over the top histrionics.

By the way, I didn't miss the fact that you're desperately trying to get anything offensive to stick because neither you nor Alan have any support for his claims of misogyny.  I'm disappointed -- you're usually more rational than that (aside from when you act as an admin).
FYI I can log in at AtBC but get a “Sorry, you do not have permission to reply to that topic ” if I try to comment. I never got a response when I asked about that. So yes, relative safety.

I suspect the AtBC operators will get around to addressing that.  They're usually quite responsive.

There is no way I'll participate at TSZ until Lizzie deals with the abuses by you, Alan, and Neil.  You've demonstrated that you can't be trusted.  If you want to discuss this in an open forum, I'm more than happy to do so.

ETA:  I see that DNA Jock has joined Alan in making defamatory statements at TSZ:
Patrick’s use of the image was homophobic, transphobic, AND misogynistic, Crocker’s genitalia notwithstanding.

So much for his concern about legal risks to the site.

Edited by Patrick on April 19 2019,12:00

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